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Game Play

Quick How To...

We recommend 3, but you can play as many as you want.
Each person or team writes down a word for each category, beginning with the chosen letter; only one word per category.
Round Ends:
When the timer has finished.
Once the timer has completed, everyone stops writing. The persons/teams compare their answers. If you have the same answer as another person/team, that answer is crossed out and doesn't count towards your score.
Any unique answer scores 1 point.
The person or team with the highest score wins.

An Example Answer Could Be:

  • Letter: L
  • Category: Cars
  • You Could Write: Lamborghini
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How can I Use The Scattergory Online List Generator To Play?

Not only have we created a list generator containing over 300 categories, but we have also included a random letter generator and a timer. This means you can use to play on Zoom, House Party or any video call service that supports screen sharing.

To Play Online You Will Need

Writing Equipment
Pen and a pad
Zoom, House party or another screen sharing app
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Buying the board game

The Scattergories board game is epic, and we thoroughly recommend buying it. You can buy it here on Amazon with next day delivery.

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